Matthew Lowry – Flamingo County

Matthew Lowry released debut album Flamingo Country in September and its a great record!

Matthew Lowry may be a name that is unknown by most but should be a name that becomes as known and loved as the classics that inspire him. He’s recently released his debut album Flamingo County, a passion project full of power ballads you’d hear from Queen or Elton John to fun rock songs that you’d expect from Jimmy Eat World or Weezer. I won’t lie, even James Blunt came to mind.  

Fourteen tracks, with a few self-made ‘radio clips’ which give nice breaks from the songs, Flamingo County is an album that I expected to go two ways. It would either be an Artic Monkey’s indie copy-paste, or just a man singing about his ex with a single guitar. Maybe I’m a bit too judgemental. The songs are powerful, and melodic and well thought through.  

Lowry says himself that he wanted to write an album because he loved music, and it was fun. It is incredibly apparent with the album; he cares about the music. I’ve found a lot of artists these days focus more on the artistic side of song writing and making themselves into a brand – and the authenticity of Flamingo County has made it better. The time spent writing, recording and perfecting the music is so evident, and seemingly effortless.  

Get By, Get High is a beautiful song to introduce the album, harnessing a hopeful attitude towards a situation less than ideal, and talks about wanting nothing more than to play music. It has a very similar vibe to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road with the hint of theatrics within. The next couple of songs taken on a punk, then classic rock sound, Something More Than This even using a choir of voices to add depth.  All My Friends are Selling Out could be my favourite on the album. All the big orchestral power ballads, which I feel the emotion of in my heart while I listen, but this song is so daft and stands out so much. It’s done well to stand out, but not feel out of place either.  

I’m not wanting to say too much about the song’s contents, as I’d just be repeating how powerful they are.

The album was released on 15th September, and is one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Go check it out!  

Vicki Evans

October 20, 2023

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