Justin Courtney Pierre ‘Ghost World’ EP review

Justin Courtney Pierre has been incredibly busy this year. New EP Ghost World is his third of 2021, boasting five new tracks for a hungry audience.

The release starts off superbly, with opener and single ‘Horse Racing’ treading post-grunge waters with a sprinkle of Taking Back Sunday-esque emo vibes in there. A brilliantly crafted track with some real power and emotion in the vocal performance. Next up, highlight ‘Steady As She Goes’, with its repeated refrain and chugging verses, followed by a rocketship chorus. What a track.

Cracks start to show on ‘Somewhere A Dark Heart’, a track that saps its own energy with the staccato drumming and never really takes off as a result. ‘Temporary Education’ comes to the rescue and, though not as brilliant as the first two, the Gin Blossoms vibes appeal to me deeply. A very 90’s sounding song, perfectly suited to Pierre.

Gate Kicker’ ends us contemplatively, another enjoyable offering that ends the EP rather well. Ghost World is overall a good offering, though its own worst enemy with a very weak middle track.