The fantastic Hot Milk release debut album A Call to the Void this Friday!

Formed in Manchester, in 2018, Hot Milk have made a name for themselves within mainstream media, including making the C list at BBC Radio 1. They dominate, despite having not released a single album!  

On the 25th of August, that is set to change! Hot Milk will release their debut album A Call To The Void. An eleven-track spectacle, this album is unique and classic at the same time. It carries the traditional sound of pop punk, having a humorous approach to sadness, while also portraying a touch of emo nihilism.  

There is not a song that I don’t enjoy on this album. Each song is well thought through. Every note and effect placed perfectly, and the lyrics are incredibly smart, having both a poetic touch and perfectly timed humour. An example that stood out to me is Over Your Dead Body’s “hungry hypocrite that played me like a board game”. I thoroughly enjoy the play-on words that’s partnered with their angst.  

I thoroughly enjoy albums that start with a shorter song, which immediately shows off the themes of the album, which Welcome To The… does. It drew me in immediately, especially with the repetition of “am I the darkness”. I’m hesitant to talk too much about the song’s contents, as I feel I’d spoil the experience of hearing it first.  

The songs I would recommend listening to on A Call To The Void are: Party on Horror Show, My Death Bed, Alice Cooper’s Pool House and Migraine. Each of these songs flowed really well and had me humming along to the rhythm from my first listen. They are also the songs that fully highlight the parts I like on the album – the humour and nihilism. It proves that Hot Milk were successful with their aim for the album – to portray cynicism, but also have an album that jokes with a “if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry” style.  

On a completely personal, slightly unprofessional, note. While listening to this, the style of music, and the male/female vocal dynamics reminded me of (slightly angrier) We Are the in Crowd. One of my favourite bands growing up, who are sadly no longer making music. Hearing that style, in a new artist I found to be healing. It’s a feeling I’d missed. I do want to thank Hot Milk for creating that nostalgia for me.  

They aren’t a carbon copy, I assure you. Hot Milk have a much more dramatic flair and modern take on music. The finishing song Forget Me Not is by far my favourite on the album. It’s a gut-wrenching emotional song, which takes a synthetic style. The song felt familiar. A beautiful song to finish on.  

The next year is going to be a busy one for Hot Milk. They are about to embark on a headline tour – starting with some acoustic sessions between the 25th August and 8th September, which include Reading and Leeds festival! They then set out on another headline tour in November, before opening for Foo Fighters in selected cities around the world. You will most likely find them in a city near you, and I urge you to go see them! I’m certainly going to try to. 

A Call To The Void is out 25th August – go experience it for yourself!  

Vicki Evans

August 23, 2023

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