North Carolina metalcore outfit Heirloom shine bright on their strong debut LP, bringing a polish that even more established bands later in their career struggle with. There isn’t a minute wasted throughout its 33-minute runtime and the only problem I had with ROMANTICIZE was that it ended so quickly.

Heirloom describes the album’s theme as “finding the better things in life and moving on from what brought you down. Not romanticizing the past” which is an important message I think the majority can relate to. Kicking off the record with a bang, WE ARE NOT THE SAME starts with a sense of urgency with a riff you’ll have no choice but to bounce to. The massive chorus breaks out with the lyrics “You cannot relate, I used to medicate, the wrong escape from my guilt and shame” and a melody that gets infused in your head. Which is a common theme throughout this record.

We then come up on the massive anthems that are WANDERLUST and PASSENGER SEAT. Featuring some of the catchiest melodies on the record. WANDERLUST belting out “still need a map to find my way back home” in a fashion that would definitely have full crowds singing along with ease. PASSENGER SEAT features a beautiful vocal performance from Lauren Babic which just elevates the song to new heights. Whether it’s the enormous chorus, or the relentless delivery of the lyric “You treat me like a runaway, when you’re the one that runs away”. This song is a perfect package of all the best elements that make a massive single.

In the latter half of the record we have BLINK, which sees the band stray away from the radio octane-core formula for a crushing track that’s filled with grit and ambience from start to finish. Screaming the lines “Twisted metal, skeleton. Glass and steel, one more second I’m gone at 18”. This is a track that’s the circle pit banger during the live show.

Concluding the record we have SUFFER ALL THE SAME which closes the project out with a beautiful ballad and bringing the records themes home. With soft and colourful vocal delivery, singing the lines “Does it hurt to hear my name, do you feel guilt when I feel pain. Does it hurt you shift the blame; I feel guilt for happiness”. The track brings the LP to an epic and bittersweet close.

If someone handed me this record with no knowledge of the band and said it was their third record, I’d believe them. What Heirloom have accomplished on their debut LP is nothing short amazing, putting out a product that is polished and impressive. ROMANTICIZE is a project worth your attention, and if there’s anything to take away from this record; it’s Heirloom’s potential to be one of the scene’s next big acts.


ROMANCITIZE is available everywhere on August 25th through Judge & Jury Records. You can pick up the record from the band’s website.

Blake Warford

October 25, 2023

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