Future Static – Liminality

Future Static have released their fantastic debut album Liminality!

Australian originating Future Static released their debut album Liminality early last month, and I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing it.  

With a mixture of metal, progressive rock, alternative rock and pop, the experience of listening to Liminality is a rollercoaster ride. Ultimately, it’s a fast-paced fun time! So much so, that you wouldn’t believe that it dawned from the pandemic – holding themes of isolation and being in the state of limbo. The album begins with a more alternative approach, with just moments of metal, before a middle section which gives you whiplash as it switches from heavy to soft with each song. The ending perfectly wraps up by softening back to the sound from the start.  

The Embers is a perfectly emotional song to finish on. It’s much calmer than most of the songs and rounds off the stories that the album has told. I admit, it’s the softer songs that I enjoyed more, probably due to personal taste. Halfway Across the World is a lovely little song, which is played acoustically, and yet perfectly leads into Plated Gold which is a heavier track featuring Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer. I still enjoyed the heavy songs. I adored the drums running up to the break down in Icarus and was too busy bopping to Roach Queen to think of words to describe it – which I’d say is a review within itself!  

I loved the music, and I loved the lyrics of Liminality. Especially as a debut album, I’m so impressed for an album to have some range between how individual songs sound, and it seems like time and effort has gone into making the songs personal, and sound good. Unfortunately, I listened to late to promote upcoming shows, but hopefully will catch Future Static live at some point in 2024!  

Listen to, and pick up a copy of, Liminality now!  

Vicki Evans

December 28, 2023

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