Frontières – La Trilogie

The debut LP La Trilogie from Quebec metalcore/hardcore band Frontières is finally here. Made up of their EP trilogy they’ve released throughout 2023, the band have been nothing but consistent and the conclusion is no different. The LP is a perfect example of the potential this band has, and it’s a project you’re not going to want to miss.

First up on the album is Absorb, which starts off with beautiful cyberpunk-esque synth work before coming in with astounding aggression. This song is the perfect representation of the kind of experience the album will bring you on throughout its runtime.

Continuing on the first half of the LP, there’s Au Revoir. The most recent single from the project and one of that showcases the range the band brings to the table. Vocalist Yannick Lehoux kicking the track off with rapid velocity and precision before breaking into a huge, beautiful chorus. Every member really shines on this track, especially guitarists Frédéric Stankunas and Samuel David-Bélanger bringing ferocious breakdown you’ll snap your neck to.

In the middle of the LP we’re hit with Vague Noir. Bassist/Producer Joël Lord takes the spot light with a 2-minute instrumental interlude and pallet cleanser. Featuring the cyberpunk vibe I mentioned earlier that’s present throughout the project. It starts with a low fade, later bringing in the bass that you’ll be tapping your foot along to. It’s personally one of my favourites on the project.

Cold Nights brings the project to conclusion, featuring Hollow Fronts’ own Tyler Tate. It’s a perfect way to wrap the album up, as it takes a more emotional melodic route sonically. The guitars play this soft melody underneath Bélanger’s pained vocal passages as he sings When everything you knew disappears right from your hands. Tate comes in on the second verse completely isolated, with a powerful vocal line They want to see me face down on the ground again. Cold Nights is definitely a standout and a great example of how to do a closing track properly.

Frontières have gained a lot of traction in 2023 and it’s very clear as to why. Being a band that only started in 2020, everything about this collection of songs is more polished, mature and well put together. Gathering big names for the project from Alpha Wolf’s own Lochie Keogh to Jon Reeves previously from Kingdom of Giants. It’s modern metalcore done right, and if you’re only hearing about this band now, you’re in for a treat with this LP.


La Trilogie is streaming everywhere now. You can purchase the album through their bandcamp, and don’t forget to pickup some merch to support the band on their website: Frontières (

Blake Warford

December 26, 2023

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