The debut EP from Seattle based post-hardcore rockers FOXCULT is finally here. THE INDIGO FAULT is an experience that proves that they’re just getting started and have a bright future ahead.

First up we have EMPTY SPACE, a beautiful introduction on what to expect sonically throughout the project. Starting with a mesmerizing, spacious, yet intricate riff from guitarist Ashley Carrera before vocalist Audrey Lane kicks in with the verse hooks “I never bothered to ask when I get to breathe” that’ll be stuck in your head for days. One thing that’s resilient throughout the EP, is just how catchy it is.

Following we have CLIFFJUMPER, starting off with drummer Mia Dawn flexing her cymbal work. The band universally agrees this is one of the best tracks on the project and it’s easy to see why; It’s intricate, while still being gorgeous and laid back. The instrumentals setting the tone, while Lane lays down some mesmerizing vocal passages. This track also has one of the best and most raw hooks on the record that’s intentionally placed and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

To conclude the project, there’s SYMMETRY. Which is an epic, full circle moment to bring everything to a close. If there’s anything to take away, it’s that FOXCULT knows the importance of a closing track. Starting off with some slow and beautiful synth work underneath Lane’s laid-back vocal melodies. Tapping in 6 minutes in runtime, the band doesn’t waste a second. Every member has sections to really shine, just proving how talented FOXCULT is. Carrera’s riff’s picking up the pace midway, Dawn keeping the energy up in slower sections, and Lane slowly increasing intensity. It’s massive and it’s beautiful. It’s also one of my personal favourite’s on the project.

If you’ve yet to checkout FOXCULT, now’s the time. 2023 has been a stellar start for them and they’re proving that the momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon; 2024 is going to be their year. This is a must listen release, and I’m confident that this project will make its way onto many end of year lists.


THE INDIGO FAULT is available everywhere now through Adventure Cat Records. Don’t forget to check out their first live-show on Dec 3rd @ Madam Lou’s in Seattle, WA

Blake Warford

December 27, 2023

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