Dream State – Still Dreaming

Welsh rockers Dream State are set to release their third EP, Still Dreaming on the 26th January. Their first big release since 2019, Still Dreaming is about perseverance. It’s angry, and ambitious, and perfectly sums up how it feels to still try to reach your goals when the world seems against you.

 What particularly struck me while hearing is the strength of singer Jessie Powell’s vocals. The range that she can sing, and the notes that she holds are incredible. The title track is incredible. Already released as a single, if you enjoy the track, you will love the EP.
My favourite song on the EP is
Chin Up Princess, not only as an encouraging song but I love the way it goes from heavy to almost bubbly, though still hardcore.  

Each song is well-written and fun to listen to. Still Dreaming is interesting, varied and emotive. It’s an EP for fans of hardcore music, reminding me of many artists – particularly Halestorm. I came into this review never hearing Dream State’s music before, and I’m looking forward to listening to them in more depth, and possibly catching them on their next tour.  

Releasing 26th January – I hope you’re looking forward to Still Dreaming.  

Vicki Evans

January 19, 2024

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