Deitus – Irreversible

UK black metallers Deitus are back after a four-year hiatus with their third full-length LP Irreversible available on July 14th, through Candlelight Records. It’s not one you’re going to want to miss.

Irreversible is as dark, cold and relentless an album as it is epic and massive. Starting with the slow-build, instrumental track Incursion which perfectly sums up the journey you’re about to go on with this record. Every member is flexing their skills, not wasting any time in its 3-minute journey and setting up our first real taste of Deitus in 2023.

Straight for the Throat kicks off the mayhem immediately. The drumming on this track stands out, as its relentless blast beats keep the track’s high energy moving while the lead guitar melody adds an atmosphere to the chaos. It’s both brutal and beautiful; it’s a perfect accumulation of all the sounds and styles you’ll get throughout the records runtime.

The title track makes an interesting choice of using a guitar melody as the building point. It’s a catchier, more repetitive song on the record but will get stuck in your head. Though, at eight minutes, I wish it progressed a little sooner in its runtime. It takes about halfway for the track to really start advancing. I feel that this is a more stagnant point on the record, considering just how standout the bands performance on the other tracks is.

Coming up on the end of the record we have the single Voyuer featuring Toni Coe-Brooker and my personal favourite song on the record. Her vocal performance is absolutely mesmerizing, offering this very haunting/dark sound that is refreshing. It’s slow and stripped back, which really lets her unique vocal performance shine. I also loved that she’s perfectly utilized, practically being the main performer until the last minute when the full band comes in with the lowest growls we’ve heard on the record.

Lastly is As Long They Fear, which is this glorious and immense conclusion to the record. While maintaining the heavy, it has this positive/uplifting sound to it from the guitar and backing vocals. As the song progresses, it gets bigger and bigger. Using that guitar melody from the beginning but distorted to add some grit to the latter half. The band finishes off the record in full-force, reminiscent of a conclusion to a live show.

Irreversible is the best the band has sounded. The recording is the cleanest in their discography while still being raw. It features some of their biggest and best production. It also has some of the best sounding vocals on a Deitus record without a doubt. Being four years after their last project, it’s clear the band spent that time accordingly. This is a record you’ll have no choice but to pay attention to.


Irreversible was released on Friday, July 14. You can pickup the record from Candlelight Records and the bands Bandcamp. Don’t forget to checkout their album release show at the Boston Music Room in North London, UK on Aug 5th

Blake Warford

August 22, 2023

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