Cyan Kicks – I Never Said 4Ever

Cyan Kicks release new album I Never Said 4ever this month and we had a listen.

For those who enjoy a classic pop punk sound, with a hint of theatrics, Cyan Kicks may be the band for you. The Finnish four-piece have recently released their second album I Never Said 4ever. A thirteen-track treat, which pulls your attention with less than a minute of i should stop acting cool, before seamlessly gliding into the title track.  

The album includes drops and rapping, all while maintaining the true pop punk style, which is strongest at the beginning of the album. Each song has a dramatic flow to it, which gave me the Eurovision vibe. Maybe this is because Cyan Kicks was an official entrant for Eurovision 2022, unfortunately beaten by The Rasmus as Finland’s official entry.  

Unfortunately, as well-written and fun as the album may be, there wasn’t a lot that stood out to me. Quite a few songs did just sink into the background and lose my focus. Even as I re-listen, there’s only a handful that I’m fully enjoying, and none of it is a ground-breaking, new sound. I struggle to find a selling-point for the album, other than enjoying pop punk in general.  

That’s not to say that I Never Said 4ever has no stand-out songs, it does – and Cyan Kicks rightfully turned into singles. Songs such as Hurricane, Into You, Someone Like You and Addicted, which could find on streaming platforms, along with the whole album.