Cherym – Take It or Leave It

Cherym released their debut album Take It or Leave It on 16th February.  

 Future icons Cherym have released a ten-track album that aims to promote the freedom of self-expression, especially in tracks such as All Things About Them. Take It or leave It is fast and fun, which is a modern take on the pop punk genre. By that, I mean it completely owns the punk style of saying whatever you want, and expressing you anger towards political topics. However, the songs are in an uplifting, pop way – with fast-pace, catchy lyrics

Alpha Beta Sigma is a great opening track, with the most punk being found within the music. A classic radio crackle to lead into guitars, it grabbed my attention – but not as much as the starting lyrics – “they said that I’m a slut”. Binary Star is a lovely acoustic song. It’s a little bittersweet with the lyrics, seeming to be asking for help while struggling. It really shows off the vocals and is one of my favourite songs on the album. I like the difference in pace. It’s Not Me It’s You is a good song to end with, it’s another fun song. Although talking of an apparent breakup, it’s still supportive and kind.  

All Things About Them is an anthem, as I’ve never heard a song before sticking up for the non-binary identity. It’s genuinely a good song, too. It has a strong bassline, leading to the drums and guitar. It’s a good way to lead in to then call out ignorance. The chorus is simple and catchy – and immediately goes in to a spoken “how many times will I have to say it, before you get it”, and then they chant “it’s they/them.” I love it, as it highlights how people get wrong such a simple fact of people’s lives – and something I relate to. 

I can hear the influence of Avril Lavigne and Green Day in certain tracks, especially that of Alpha Beta Sigma and Colourblind. Each song has its unique quality which makes it stand out. Take It or Leave It attacks the oppressors and lifts those who need it – it’s modern, and just nice to hear.  

Towards the end of February, they will be setting out on their own little tour of the UK before opening for Enter Shikari through their Ireland tour. Go have a listen (and a dance) to Take It or Leave It.  

Vicki Evans

February 22, 2024

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