Charlotte Sands – Can We Start Over?

Charlotte Sands is one of the up-and-coming big names of rock who I had the pleasure of seeing live twice last year as she opened for PVRIS in January and 5 Seconds of Summer in October.


She absolutely stole the crowd in her performances with PVRIS and 5SOS, and so, I was incredibly excited when she announced her debut album Can We Start Over? 10 tracks of timeless lyrics, with themes of loss, love and self-empowerment. It’s a fun, funky album that brings back the classic distorted emo sound of the nineties/noughties. 

There are plenty of less-formal ways I could describe Charlotte Sands’ music, from joining the trend of ‘Disney Rock’ that’s risen, and ‘Bratz Rock Angelz come to life’ – but I worry that my completement won’t be seen. The lyrics are easy to relate to, although slightly melancholic, the music gives them a feel-good lift, which fills me with 00s nostalgia and makes me want to dance. It gives me the nostalgic lift. Think No Doubt meets Fall Out Boy. 

Use Me is an incredible opening track, immediately playing into my emotions. The strength of Charlotte’s voice, especially as the song flows to the chorus, lifts me into the feelings of the album. The songwriting on the album has blown me away – as each track has exactly the right energy. The album is personal to Charlotte, and you can really hear it. There isn’t a bad song on Can We Start Over? Although Spite is a future anthem, as my energy surpasses 100% when it comes on, and I’m already screaming the lyrics.  That being said, my favourite is probably Die in this Room. I’m a sucker for a soft song. Die in this Room is just so romantic, a beautiful ballad, similar to Halestorm’s Beautiful with You. Though the title track as the closing song is a perfect way to finish. Can We Start Over takes a gothic turn, starting slow and then breaking down halfway through. It, again, shows off Charlotte’s incredible vocals.  

Charlotte Sands is a talented vocalist, backed up by an equally talented band. I am incredibly excited to be seeing this album live on her tour – starting in Texas in March and finishing in June in London. She’ll be visiting the USA, Europe and Australia – and it is a show you want to get tickets to!  


Can We Start Over? Is out now to buy and stream! One of the best albums released in a long time.