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BREATHER will release their self-titled debut EP this Friday, September 1 and it is a fantastic debut!

Brand new indie-alt sensation BREATHER is set to release their self-titled debut EP September 1st 

 Only forming this past January, the Plymouth-based band is made up of Scott Bailey on vocals, Josh Jones on vocals/guitar, Sam Mortley doing lead guitar, Jack Fleming on bass, and Harry Moir on drums.  

 BREATHER holds a unique sound. It takes the carefully crafted indie and alternative genres, and creates a messy flare known as shoegaze, but contains sprinkles of pop punk throughout. It has an old-school DIY sound, strong rhythm and fun melodies.  

 The first couple of tracks are two parts of the same song, titled We Know. A perfect way to introduce the EP, and two tracks that perfectly flow into each other. It’s evidence that a lot of time has been dedicated to perfecting the editing. Both parts are followed by emotional power ballad Unknown, which is the softest song on the EP, but is easily one of the strongest songs.  

 The first single is set to be released August 7th. What Are You Saying is a clever choice for the first single. A clear alt song that follows the sounds of some already loved bands. Bands such as LostAlone and Madina Lake are the first to come to mind. A well-written, yet some-what basic alternative sound that teases their sound and will draw an audience in.  

 BREATHER then make the incredible decision to make Wrong their second single. Last, but certainly not least, on the album, Wrong is said to show off the band’s ‘collective energy and love of a big chorus’. That is does. Easily my favourite song on the EP, especially as the song gives the spotlight to Jack’s incredible bassline, then backs it up with soft beats from the drums. This leads back into a grand finale of a chorus and closes the EP off perfectly!  

 BREATHER is an incredible debut EP, which shows off the band’s talent and passion for music.  

 To celebrate the release, BREATHER will be performing at The Underground in Plymouth on September 2nd to offer audiences the chance to experience the EP live, and it’ll be an experience that’s worthwhile! Joining them will be Plymouth-locals Syncopate and Foreign Voices.  

September 1st and 2nd are the days to look forward to! The days to experience this incredible EP in every way.  

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Vicki Evans

August 30, 2023

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