Candy Pop is the brand-new EP by AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno. Released on November 10th, Candy Pop is a five-track EP with 3 new, orignal songs and two extra remixes of the title track. The music has a minimalistic groove with creative use of synthetises and effective use of repetition with beats and lyrics. The album is partnered with a trilogy of theatrical music videos.


The album begins with the title track, which has a dry sound throughout. Towards the end, there’s a groovy guitar rhythm kick in, which changes up the feeling of the song to a weirdly positive direction. There are two remixes, by Flamingosis and Elohim, which have made minimalistic changes to the track. The changes I’ve picked up on are mainly lowering bass levels and a little more synth, however I will admit that while I review this, I’m not 100% in health and it could be down to that, if I’m not hearing the changes.  

We Are All Insane relies on lyrics a little more, as does Freaking Me Out. However, We Are All Insane tells more of a story with the lyrics. It takes a bit more of a melodic route and has the darker twist towards the end with use of distortion. Freaking Me Out is in-between with levels of melody and synth, my favourite on the EP. It starts light during the verse and turns heavier with the chorus and bridge. It also has a gothic flair with how it uses backup vocals, and I feel like it’s the song that had most thought put into it.  

Perhaps AWOLNATION is not my cup of tea, but Candy Pop isn’t a bad EP. Out to buy and stream now!  

Vicki Evans

November 29, 2023

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