As December Falls – Join the Club

On July 21, As December Falls released their third album Join the Club.

This is an album I can gladly call an ode to pop punk! With all the classic tropes from vocals over a guitar strumming, to chants – and including the classic pop punk vocal tone. 

Join the Club is set to be their heaviest album yet. It is so fast paced, I had to check if I wasn’t listening to it on 2x speed! Carousel is one of the heavier songs on the album, which includes a little breakdown, and Alive is a close second – with an amazing guitar solo. The best comparison I can give is old-school Tonight Alive and We Are the in Crowd, with a hint of Blink 182.  

I could praise most songs on the album. Not only with great instrumentation, but also strong lyrics – such as Join the Club’s “I’m so sad but that’s okay”. The album has an incredibly strong start. Especially with the incredibly heartfelt Honey, then Carousel. My favourite would have to be Home. An acoustic song of dispair, seemingly about losing feelings.  

 As a former pop punk teen, the 2010s DIY sound of Join the Club is a much-welcomed nostalgia trip. With a range of emotion, and an understanding of the genre – this must be one of the best pop punk albums I’ve heard in a long time. I do worry that some of the songs clash and make it hard to stick out. I did really enjoy the album, and I think you should pick it up – or stream it on Spotify as it comes out. July 21st!  

As December Falls are also heading on tour later this year! Starting in Bristol, November 28th and finishing in Dublin, December 3rd. Head over and see if there’ll be in a town near you!  

Vicki Evans

August 2, 2023

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