Alien Ant Farm – ~mAntras~

Alien Ant Farm are back with ~mantras~, their first new album in more than 10 years!

As a kid that grew up watching Scuzz and Kerrang! (RIP), I’m no stranger to the classics of Alien Ant Farm. They’ve recently released their first album in ten years, ~mAntras~, with a newly mature, reflective sound to them that reminds me of Shinedown and Those Damn Crows. 

~mAntras~ guides you in with instant emotion through The Wrong Things and Last dAntz, before taking a some-what classic Alien Ant Farm sound for a while. It’s a record that talks of everything from family bliss to the grief of relationships, bands, and life. Each song stands out and sounds well-written and produced. It’s annoying. It’s a good album, but I can’t say much about it because I’d just keep repeating how I like it. 

Songs that I liked most on the album are No 1, Storms Over, What Am I Doing and Glasses. These are the songs I felt represented what the band was aiming for the most. They show the most genuine emotion, especially with What Am I Doing, that I feel portrays so much anger and regret. Although, looking at the streams now, it seems my preferences aren’t lining up to fans of the band. The three top songs at the moment are Fade, So Cold and Everything She wAnts. Still, not bad songs though. It comes to show that ~mAntras~ might just have a little something for everything.

~mAntras~ is out now, so go see if there’s something for you on there!  

Vicki Evans

May 28, 2024

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