Album review: Kaiser Chiefs – Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album

Kaiser Chiefs have released their eighth album, aptly titled Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album!

Some incredible things have come out of Yorkshire – Wensleydale cheese, Yorkshire puddings, me. Kaiser Chiefs are no exception, especially with their new album Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album, or just Easy Eighth.  

Easy is a good way to describe it. Easy Eighth is half an hour long, 10 tracks, and all the songs are light listens. I’ll admit, it took me a moment to get into it – but once I did, I was all for it. I particularly enjoyed the mix of sounds – from cheesy pop that you’d find from McFly or Maroon 5, to funky David Bowie or Gorillaz sounds.  

It starts with dance-pop Feeling Alright, which instantly creates the positive attitude. In fact, it’s listening to Easy Eighth while writing this that lifted my mood enough to put that opening sentence. The feel-good pop continues until The Job Centre Shuffle, which is slightly funkier, and begins the more gritty-sounding bunch.

Alongside Burning Flames and Reason to Stay Alive, it creates a really good group of songs. After that, though, my absolute favourite is The Lads. The final song on the album, and a positively nostalgic song. It’s a song about friendship, and I love songs about friendship. It’s such a light-hearted, simple, and loving song that it creates the warm feeling of summer evening in the pub.  

Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album is far from a masterpiece, but it’s still an enjoyable album. It’s an album for a ‘take-it-easy’ day, a leisurely walk or drive, or a barbeque. It’s out now, and Kaiser Chiefs are set to head out on tour this month, which is already sold out!  

Well done to the lads.  

Vicki Evans

April 2, 2024

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