Aiko – Fortune’s Child

Aiko’s Fortune’s Child was released Friday 13th October, a day that is meant to be bad luck. I feel like it was unlucky that it took me nearly two months to find the time to listen. 

Fortune’s Child. As Aiko’s third album, it set out to highlight the seamless transition she’s gone through from playing alternative pop to pop-rock and has the ongoing theme of empowering women throughout. As I listened, I found there to be a concept of a woman finding the love in herself and fighting to keep it with the music that reflecting the desperation in the lyrics, before sharing the love amongst other women. 

The album is Gothic and glamorous, and powerful. Each song is unique. I managed to stay indulged even while I multitasked, without losing my place and having to repeat songs. There are some albums I can’t even stay focused while only listening, so this is incredibly exciting for me. Some songs are more guitar-based, such as Fever Dream and Pedestal. Some give a PVRIS-like sound and repetition, such as Parade and Power. Restless is nice a mixture of both pop and rock. Some tracks, like Instincts and Femme Fatale had a folk sound to the lyrics. Instincts also having a classic rock rhythm, yet a pop-like melody. 

Naivní is one of my favourite tracks. It’s one of the ones that most show the desperation in the music, and the vocals are in Czech – which is where Aiko was raised. Naivní translates to ‘naive’ and, as far as I can tell, the song tells a sad story of a vulnerable woman who is being taken advantage of and reflects her feelings while she tries to stay strong. It’s a beautifully written song. Daughter of the Sun I love just as much. It smoothly transitions in from Power, and I feel could be interpreted as sapphic, or as a self-love anthem. In the concept the album gives me, it’s the self-love moment as the character recovers from Naivní’s story.  

Sad songs, and fun songs, Fortune’s Child explores a range of genre and emotion. For fans of Florence and the Machine, PVRIS and The Cranberries. Unfortunately, we’ve just missed her tour of Czech Republic, UK, Germany and Austria. I’ll be keeping my eye out for when she comes back, as this has become one of my top albums of the year. Listen now!  

Vicki Evans

December 19, 2023

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