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Just a North West lad who's bitter about never playing Warped Tour.

George Scott's Articles:

Homebound – Permanence

Surrey based pop-punk 5-piece Homebound released their brand new EP 'Permanence' last week. George Scott had a listen and decided that it's not anything groundbreaking...find out why here...

Room 22 – Ricky Spanish

Anyone looking for a super talented, incredibly young band needs to look to Room 22. For fans of Green Day, these kids are absolutely killing Hull right now, and aren't stopping there with the release of new single 'Ricky Spanish'.

Get Up Go – You Jump I Jump

There's nothing more exciting than reviewing an EP by some fellow fast food lovers, which may have swayed me to like Manchester pop-punk band Get Up Go a little more than it should. This review is probably now entirely biased and redundant as a result. Drummer, Ross, even has the band's name on his bass drum skin mimicking the Burger King logo. I'll have fries with that any day.

Bearing Loss – Burdens

Hardcore 4-piece Bearing Loss just dropped their debut EP, Burdens, and it's massive. Like, it's well heavy, it's full of fat, chuggy riffs, and it kind of freaks me out, but I also like it, and I'm not sure how to feel...

5 Bands Who Are Taking Pop-Punk By Storm

Love it or hate it, pop-punk has definitely re-established itself within the music industry in recent years, yet again becoming almost a staple in popular music. 2015 was a cardinal year for pop-punk, amongst other genres, seeing BMG buying Rise Records (home to the likes of Knuckle Puck, The Early November, PVRIS, Transit, Man Overboard and more), and bands such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall Out Boy and McBusted, with clear pop-punk influence, beginning to truly dominate the charts again. This could be big news for pop-punk fans like myself (especially since we're all gonna have to find some other lame thing to like if it gets cool again), so let's take a look at 5 of the pop-punk juggernauts showing the rest of us that pop-punk isn't actually dead at all!

The Decline – Resister

George Scott reviewed The Decline's latest EP 'Resister'...

The Endeavour – Voyage

George Scott had a listen to The Endeavour's EP 'Voyage' and love it. Find out why George thinks this quintet from Peterborough are definitely worth checking out!


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