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Hey, I’m Emily and I come from Maidstone in Kent. I'm a writer of interviews and reviews for AltCorner. I’ve always loved music and I’ve wanted to write for music publications since I was a teen. My favourite music genres are rock, pop punk and indie.

Emily Clark's Articles:

Oxbloods – Collisions

It’s that time again for a new review on a new EP. This time, we’re going to look at Collisions, an EP released by alternative rockers Oxbloods. The introduction to the EP is simply titled Intro, and it’s a beautiful introduction at that. With no vocals and just pure instrumentals, it’s a very calm, relaxing […]

The Weekend Classic – Better Health

Indie/alternative group, The Weekend Classic (this time the word “weekend” actually being spelt properly), have released their newest EP titled Better Health. It starts out with Detached, a slow, chimerical track with a beautiful guitar intro at the beginning and echo-ey vocals across the rest of the song. Indie music is perfect for moods where […]

No Fun At All – Grit

If you feel like listening to some new punk material, then Swedish group No Fun At All‘s new album Grit might just be what you’re looking for. Don’t let their name fool you though, as hopefully you will have fun listening to this album. Grit Spirit is a slamming tune, and really gives you a […]

Three Days Grace – Outsider

After a few years, Three Days Grace are back again with their brand new album, Outsider. And fear not those who’ve been listening to the band since the beginning, because they’re still loyal to their sound as always. Well, don’t expect it to sound exactly the same as they were back in 2006, but you […]

Scream Serenity – Eye of the Storm

With Christmas season officially starting in just a couple of days, Scream Serenity will be kicking it off with their new album, Eye of the Storm. The first track of the album is the The Best of the Worst. Starting off slow, but quickly jumping into the heavy guitar riffs and slamming drum beats, this […]

The Starling Radicals – Promisedland Vol 1

This week (Friday the 24th), South Wales trio The Starling Radicals will be releasing their brand new EP, Promisedland Vol 1. The EP starts with I’m With Her. Immediately, the song is already catchy before the vocalist has even begun, always a good sign when you’re listening to a new song. Then, it becomes even […]

Track and Field – Natural Light

Next Friday, Natural Light by Leeds indie rock group Track and Field will be released. The first track of the album is Part Of Me. It begins with a rather appeasing tone and feel. However, it begins to hype up nearly two minutes in, with more use of electric guitar, all while keeping the same […]

Hollywood Undead – V

An early Halloween treat (no trick, we promise) for Hollywood Undead fans out there this Thursday, as it’ll be the release of their brand new album, V. Let’s get right into it. California Dreaming is first up on the album, and a superb track to start the album off. There’s a great use of rap […]

Cope – Tooth & Nail

Friday the 13th is infamously known for bad luck around the world, but for fans of London band Cope, their new release of Tooth & Nail will be anything but bad news.   Starting off short and sweet is Stray Bullets, a wicked introduction to the album to get listners pumped up on what’s to […]

Sciatic Nerve EP

This Friday, get ready for the brand new Californian group, Sciatic Nerve and their EP of the same name.   To begin the EP, the first track (also named Sciatic Nerve) starts with a static-like sound, though not long before jumping into the rapid guitar riffs and drums, all while the vocalist yells “Sciatic Nerve!” […]

Nothing More – Stories We Tell Ourselves

This Friday, a new album for metal fans to enjoy will be released, titled Stories We Tell Ourselves by Texan rock/metal band Nothing More. The album starts off with the introduction of (Ambition Destruction), which, like most intros, is only a couple of seconds long with the sound of a distorted radio station, getting louder […]

Four Year Strong – Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t

Four Year Strong have returned with a brand new album, Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t. A rather honest title, but we’re pretty sure a lot of you will like this one, whether you’re new to the band or not. The album begins with an acoustic version of It Must Really […]


It’s been almost ten years since Goldfinger released a new album. Well, good news for fans, because this Friday, the Los Angeles band will be releasing a brand new album, titled The Knife. The album begins will a real pop-punk banger, A Million Miles. This track has just what you’d expect from an epic pop […]

After The Departure – S/T

Leeds metalcore band After The Departure, have recently released their brand new EP of the same name. The EP’s introduction begins with Premonition. It begins with a fast techno style tune, creating a sort of space-like feel. However, it’s when the screaming comes in when the track really takes off. It’s a shame it’s a […]


Next week, California-based group CHON will be releasing their highly anticipated album Homey. The album begins with Sleepy Tea, which has a kind of chill/psychedelic feel to it at the beginning. However, what’s worth noting is that the drums in the background are very fast-paced and upbeat, which contradicts the other instrumentals slightly. But that’s […]


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