Team Member: Dean Biddlecombe

Hey, I am Dean. I am the brains behind the technical side of AltCorner and run my own Website Design company; Red-Eight. I am also enlisted as the Photographer and Videographer for AltCorner's festival coverage. I have an extremely varied music taste that ranges from System Of A Down to Tom get the idea! Oh and I also love a bit of Creed (not kidding!)

Dean Biddlecombe's Articles:

Darwin & The Dinosaur unveil details of their new album, “A Thousand Ships”

The Norwich, UK based post punk quartet have unveiled that their new album, "A Thousand Ships" will be released 09/03/2014 through No Panic! Records

X Marks The Spot… A Q&A with Treasures

Treasures blew away their local music scene, building a solid reputation for energetic and big performances. We wanted to know so more about them, so we set up a little Q&A for your reading pleasure!

‘Essence’ release new video – The Climb

Ahead of the release of EP 'Smoke And Mirrors' in the new year, Belgian metalcore quintet Essence present their first video single 'The Climb'.

Q&A with Knuckles

We catch up with the boys from Huddersfield, AKA 'Knuckle' - a punk/blues duo for a little Q&A.

Spanish Wives – Warm Springs

All three songs on this EP have an emotionally charged, driving beat and guitar tracks, proving that a two piece band with talent doesn’t need anyone else to beef up the music.

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