Altcorner is One Week Old… Thanks for the Support!

AltCorner has been keeping us busy in its launch week – just like a newborn baby, it needs feeding constantly and sh*ts itself regularly! It might be hard work, but we love it dearly and know it will be totally worth it in the end. Thanks for the Support!

AltCorner was the ambitious brain-child of Brad and his Brother Dean, who decided that there was a big need for someone to help promote the kind of bands that they listen to and love.

We wanted to  help all of those people bored of the same hum-drum rubbish pumped out by the more commercial side of the music industry and to create a place where people can find these awseome bands easily… Hey presto! AltCorner was born.

AltCorner has been keeping us busy in its launch week – just like a newborn baby, it needs feeding constantly, sh*ts itself regularly (we seem to always be fixing something) and we are already questioning ourselves – my god, what were we thinking?! But as with all newborns – they might be hard work, but we love them dearly and know it will be totally worth it in the end.

We do need help though, so please; become a member, share our pages on social media (like and follow too!),  let us know your band’s news, write a review for us, contact us if you’d like us to review or interview your band… Because every little kindness will help so much!

1. Thats the pleading out of the way, now wipe away the tears. Its time to look at the amazing things that have happend:

2. We have had more than 2000 pageviews (a bloody great start)

3. We have over 25 band profiles on the site (We will celebrate when we have 100)

4. We have over 20 AltCorner members who have joined the family (We want a LOT more)

5. We got our first EXCLUSIVE in our first week (Thanks to The Lion And The Wolf – we love you)

AltCorner is a website that is built by music lovers, for music lovers and it’s something that can only be kept alive with constant support from everyone involved with AltCorner. We all share a common goal; to get good music heard.

Six months down the line we want to see AltCorner grow to meets is potential; this will include:

1. The introduction of a storefront where bands can sell their merchandise without being ripped off

2. Organising our own gigs and hosting AltCorner nights

3. Extensive band promotion including a complete band portal, concert advertising, band member biographies, and a whole host of ways that we can help bands make an income.

We have loads more ideas, but we could alway use more… So if you have any suggestions for how we can help your band in the future… please get in touch!

Much Love! The AltCorner Team


Dean Biddlecombe

December 19, 2014

Hey, I am Dean. I am the brains behind the technical side of AltCorner and run my own Website Design company; Red-Eight. I am also enlisted as the Photographer and Videographer for AltCorner's festival coverage. I have an extremely varied music taste that ranges from System Of A Down to Tom get the idea! Oh and I also love a bit of Creed (not kidding!)

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