Weathers- Are We Having Fun?

Weathers released new album Are We Having Fun? on May 5 and it’s great!

One of a Kind doesn’t waste any time with grabbing your attention, opening with the lyric “I drive my car off a bridge, yeah I said it again. I’m overthinking when I’m drinking, should have stayed in my bed.” It instantly grabs me with the relatability of overthinking and the impact of alcohol on that.

The track isn’t anything special with the instrumentation, but it works well as it emphasises the lyrical content.

Cameron Boyer’s vocals in ALL CAPS are reminiscent at times of Zayn. The track talks about concerns about cheating and conversations with a cheater. It’s extremely catchy.

I’m Just Sayin’ slows down with the opening verse and as it builds into the bridge, has a very 2000s feel.

Where Do I Sign has an extremely catchy hook.

Drama Queen is an upbeat attack on those who seek attention and act as posers. It has a great riff.

We slow right down for Goodbye to my Friends.

Little Castaway closes the record in a great way. It’s fun and catchy and the way the lyrics phase out as if a cassette is malfunctioning before being taken out of a player is interesting!

I think Weathers is now one of my new favourite bands. I really relate to the lyrical content and it’s put across incredibly well.

The album is catchy and light-hearted in its musical tone but deep in lyrical content and is an all-round great effort by the band!

Elizabeth Birt

May 11, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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