Torchbearer – Solace

Torchbearer have released their debut full-length album Solace and it is one you really should listen to!

Title track Solace kicks the album off on a sombre note with the calm instrumentation before bursting into guttural screams. It’s short for an opening track at just 1:30 but it stands in good stead for the rest of the debut effort.
The opening riffs and guitar work throughout Frostbite and slick and the guttural vocals continue over a tight rhythm section.
Never Forgive is a very personal track to the band as it was inspired by the death of bassist Mo Bashir’s brother Mouayed at the hands of police. It’s powerful and emotive and talks about police brutality and that the people have more power if they start to rise up.
‘Give me a cure for the pain within myself’ is a standout lyric in Dopesick. Which is very relatable.
Wolves & Sheep is one of the standout tracks! It guest stars Theresa Vendetta and her vocals add a gritty edge to the track. It’s a call out on lies and destroying lives and has an incredible riff.
Closer Hail Mary is one that will get stuck in your head and a great way to finish the record off.
There’s not a single track on Solace that falls below great. It’s a very strong album – especially for a debut full-length. The instrumentation on every track is extremely tight and the vocals convey every emotion – be it anger, frustration or disappointment – that you feel listening to the lyrics. The lyrics are very topical, discussing mental health, police brutality, government corruption and the environment and climate change – all topics that are in the front of people’s minds as the world starts to wake up to what’s going on around us.
If you’re into hardcore, punk or quite frankly just want something to put on to vent any frustration to, this is for you.
Torchbearer are on the road in February and I can’t wait to hear these tracks live as it will be brutal.
Torchbearer live:
Feb 4: Camden
Feb 5: Kingston Upon Thames
Feb 26: Cardiff
March 18: Northampton

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February 1, 2022

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