Tigress – Pura Vida

Tigress release their new album Pura Vida on Friday. We had an early listen and honestly, really enjoyed it.

As soon as Generation starts, you’re hit with some of my favourite vocals in music. If you enhance Avril Lavigne’s early 2000’s vocals, you have Katy Jackson. Her vocals are perfect for rock.
The track’s lyrics are very relatable.
F.L.Y is a nice love song with edge. Disconnect begins with some cool instrumentation that would have you dancing around the room. It calms down slightly as Katy begins singing before building back up to the chorus. Lyrically, the chorus is simple but doesn’t detract from the quality of the song.
Taking it down to A Letter To Death (Cry Your Heart Out) and you have my favourite track. It has dance-worthy instrumentation and haunting lyrics.
I’ll Find Me Another You has some of the best lyrics on the record. The ‘la la las’ may be a bit much and could have been left out, however I think that they would go down well live for crowd interaction.
Katy pours her heart out on Hungry with the melodic intro showing all her emotions.
I think a lot of people can relate to What The Hell (I Feel So Unwell), I know I do. It’s a good track to close the album and shows off more of Katy’s vocal range.
Tigress have absolutely killed it with this record. There’s not a lot that can be faulted at all.

Elizabeth Birt

September 2, 2021

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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