The Ballet – Matchy Matchy

The Ballet, a queer NYC based indie-pop duo, present to the world their fourth full length, strangely titled ‘Matchy Matchy’. This is definitely not something I’d choose to listen to, but here goes.

Vocally, they present almost monotone, emotionless vocals akin with The Neighbourhood, but musically they have instrumentation and dance beats similar to that of Blaqk Audio or Scissor Sisters, present in opener ‘Looking‘ and ‘But I’m A Top‘ (yes that’s a sex reference).

Mellow is certainly a word I’d use to describe this record, as it never takes off anywhere and maintains a level of calm. ‘Jersey‘ and ‘I’ve Been Wondering‘ encompass this perfectly, though the latter feels more like a weird interlude rather than a full track.

Love Letter‘ is perhaps the song I’d recommend starting with, it’s a little catchier and has more sing-along value.

Tracks like ‘Your Boyfriend‘ and the aforementioned ‘I’ve Been Wondering‘ are the weakest points, though the first half as a whole is the strongest. Tracks like ‘20‘ and ‘First Time In A Gay Bar‘ are weak and feel somewhat forced, though ‘Messing Around‘ and ‘Cry Baby‘ are saving graces of the latter half due to their slight rock n’ roll vibes.

Am I Dreaming‘ is a bit dull, but the due change it up for the last track ‘You’re Mine‘ with raging synths, adding some power to the record that was missing throughout. Better late than never.

Overall, if you were into this duo prior to this record, I see no reason you’ll be displeased, though I don’t see it earning them any new fans. Personally, I can forgive and forget.


June 6, 2019

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