Starve To Survive – Have Me To Waste EP

Newcastle’s very own hardcore new comers Starve to Survive have come at us with new the Connor Sweeney produced EP Have Me to Waste. The quintet create five tracks of aggressive huge grooves of haunting atmosphere out on the 15th February.

Starve to Survive are showing no sign of slowing with live dates already announced Lotus Eater, Astroid Boys and Last Ten Seconds Of Life on the lead up to the EP release.

They open Have Me to Waste with Resolute an intense hardcore fire play, but I’m not going to lie the record erupted the moment Back and Forth entered the scene. I tasted some like Sick of It All within the tune. The guttural together with those hardcore flashes of guitar speed is the money shot, the build-up, the foreplay if you will, when the steam engine chugs, builds up speed and then, rah, the ferocity of Back and Forth moves the EP to a new level and for me shows what these gave s certainly have on offer.

They have tours planned for 2019, Starve to Survive promise to be a major force to be reckoned with in UK hardcore.


Mark Wincott

February 22, 2019

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