Review: My Favourite Nemesis – We Annihilate

Finnish metallers My Favourite Nemesis have released their latest EP, We Annihilate!

Finland’s My Favourite Nemesis released their latest EP We Annihilate on April 26.

Opening with the title track, I’m immediately hit with a sick riff and the drum and bass are written and performed so well. It’s in your face for the scream vocals and Sanna’s beautiful melodies break this up well. The contrast between her vocals and Janne’s screams works well.

It’s a really strong song and gets the EP off to a good start.

The opening backing vocals for Paradox You Seek are haunting before the screams kick in. The layered vocals work well with the addition of some quieter lines. There is another sick riff in the track. Sanna’s vocals are absolutely mesmerising in this song and this is something I found throughout.

Corporeal Husk and Blind have some of my favourite lyrics, particularly “There’s no time in the world that could make you immortal,” in the former, and “I tried to run and hide but I see your deep dark eyes” in the latter.

I’d admittedly not listened to much of My Favourite Nemesis but after hearing We Annihilate, I’m definitely a fan. All five songs (that’s probably the only downside I have, I could listen to this all day so I wish the EP was longer, but this just means I need to go back and listen to more of their catalogue), are very well written.

Sometimes when a band mixes clean and scream vocals like My Favourite Nemesis do, the instrumentation can sound a bit disjointed, as they struggle to ensure the cleans come through, but MFN have not got this problem at all.

Not only do they include a mellower sound for most of Sanna’s vocals to complement her style, on the occasions they don’t do this, her vocals are able to match up with the heavier moments quite easily. Janne’s screams throughout are also fantastic, they’re tight and guttural and get through the angst needed to highlight the lyrical content.

The guitar work throughout is some of the best I’ve heard so far this year.

Elizabeth Birt

May 22, 2024

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