It’s been 13 years since we last had an album from KITTIE but they are back with a bang with new album Fire.

It’s been 13 years since we had a new album from KITTIE but they are back better than ever with Fire!

The titular track kicks the album off with some haunting vocals mixing with screams and a head banging rhythm section. There’s also a great breakdown and riff to switch things up.

I love the lyrics to I Still Wear This Crown, particularly in the hook and chorus. It’s intense and relatable.

We are Shadows is the standout song on the album. The clean vocals are stunning and compliment the lyrical content. I particularly like the line “we are shadows at the end of the world”. Although the vocals are a lot smoother and cleaner than most of the album so far, it’s still heavy with sick riffs and bass lines.

One Foot in the Grave soon joins We are Shadows as a standout. The lyrical content is absolutely fire. The chorus is extremely catchy with its “I am one foot in the grave” and “it’s like I’m burning at the stake, these friends will keep me sane” lines.

The album closes with lead single Eyes Wide Open. It’s heavy but brilliant and definitely a good song to lead promo for the album with. It has a sludgey riff, almost death metal-esque rhythm section and screams.

KITTIE may have been away for 13 years but they are definitely more refined and Fire shows  this in every way. Each track is more rounded and tighter than before, lyrically, sonically and performance wise. Morgan Lander’s vocals are stunning and Mercedes Lander’s backing vocals compliment perfectly.

The album is brutal but a fantastic metal album.

Elizabeth Birt

July 10, 2024

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