Plain White T’s – self titled

Indie pioneers Plain White T’s have recently returned to our speakers with a beautiful self-titled album. The first in a few years, Plain White T’s is fun and emotional. It holds thirteen tracks of their iconic cheesy lyrics of the 00s, while also having the modern pop punk twist. 

Young Tonight opens us up with a burst of energy, and for me, it’s an anthem for a good day. It begins with just guitar, then introduces us to drums and vocals. When the chorus kicks in, I’m hit with happiness. The verse carries a story about having to look at the glass half full in life, and not being afraid to grow up because you know you’ve lived your best life.

The general feeling of Plain White T’s is that sunny-side-up attitude, seeing the light side of life and falling in love. Songs such as You Plus Me and L-O-V-E have such classic cheesy boyband-esque lyrics, and I am in love with them. It took me to a summer romance, similar to Simple Plan’s Summer Paradise.

For those who like a bit of darkness, there’s songs such as Happy, Love Keeps Growing, and their single Red Flags that contain hints of edginess, and slightly more defeatist attitudes. Not completely giving up, but acknowledging how hard love, and life, can be. 

There’s a song for everyone, and each song has its own little highlight to it. Plain White T’s makes song writing look easy and has been one of the highlights of the year. It’s out to stream now, and Plain White T’s are planning to tour America early next year

Vicki Evans

December 1, 2023

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