Peaness – World Full of Worry

The debut Peaness album has been a long time coming but World Full of Worry is definitely worth the wait!

World Full of Worry opens with the acoustic Take A Trip. It’s a relaxing piece of music which shows off the vocals really well.
Kaizen is more upbeat, with an intro that reminds me of an early 00s indie track. It’s quite simple but this is not a bad thing as it makes it very easy to listen to.
Girl Just Relax is a song that will actually help you relax. It’s calming and quite hypnotic.
Left To Fall Behind talks about ordinary life and routines and people pushing themselves. It also has a relatable hook of “hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.”
What’s The Use has really nice guitar work and is lyrically relatable.
Closing track Sad Song talks about relationships breaking down.
Peaness’ debut album has been hotly anticipated and it’s no wonder why. It’s such a calming record with so many ear worms. I’m usually into more intense music but have had this on repeat and each listen I appreciate it more. The vocals from Jessica Branney and Carleia Balbenta are hypnotisingly melodic.

Elizabeth Birt

May 10, 2022

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