Naked Next Door – Swerving Out Wide

Milton Keynes rockers Naked Next Door release their latest six track, EP Swerving Out Wide via Honest records on May 21st. The band of four came together three years ago at the age of…17 years old….I’ll say that again, 17 years old, do they’re bringing their high sprites to us all.

Opening “Save It” we hear Euan Emerton enjoyable flowing vocals with his lyrics “I hit my head very hard..I probably had it comin”  You see, I hit my head very hard a few times and all of those occasions are because I had it coming. This is an emotional tune brought to life with these vocals with nice beat by Callum Petchey on drums.

Don’t drink too much people.

The four-piece provide an upbeat musical sound for those in lockdown. “Truth Is” and “Halo” provide energy to move along with those home working out YouTube video. “Noise” is a change to previous tunes, the distorted vocal style, heavier grittier riffs still manage to offer their high spiritness…I’m not sure if that’s word but I’m going with it.

Not Much of Me” comes in a ballad form and again really emphasises Euen Emerton’s vocal skills, he is clear, previse and enjoyable to hear what he has to say and the guys with him are enabling him to show his skills, the backing harmonies help this and with being together for a short space of time and proving this EP is a sound I didn’t think I’d enjoy this, but t I am. They finish up with “Lying to You” Tommy Woodward on guitar keeps the momentum flowing with his crew.

I’m not going to lie this isn’t an EP I thought I wouldn’t get much from, but I have. Naked Next Door have surprised me and proved this is music I needed in my life and I didn’t even know.

Mark Wincott

May 15, 2020

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