MSRY – Loss

Oxford isn’t just about boat races and inspector Morse, it has a music scene too, with hardcore quartet MSRY travelling the cobbled streets with their latest EP, “Loss”. Following on from the previous year’s “Safety First” EP, getting the guys in the Guardians best new music of 2019 and played on Iggy Pop’s BBC Radio 6 show.

Let me introduce the band, Kial Churcher, vocals, Keir French, drums Charlie Bishop the purveyor of riffs and newest member Harvey Lake on bass together bring a drive and determination to make their sound tighter and bigger for a loud hardcore future. 

Charlie Bishop crunches riffs into “Gemini” a tune built for the mosh pit, it’s in your face spitting out lyrics and dirty drum beats are essential for those dark heavy nights in the underworld. A certain straight edge hardcore frontman joins the crew on “Still Breaks My Heart” Cancer Bats’, Liam Cormier, he and Kial Churcher work well together and the MSRY frontman can hold it together with the best.

The name “Imposter” I thought we’re about to hear a hardcore cover of the Snow hit….am I showing my age there or lack of memory as it is in fact, Informer…I could delete this, but I won’t. What we have here are hardcore riffs, funky bass and heavy drums, the right recipe for a good live show, the difference with this one, is I’ve been walking around work chanting IMPOSTER…..IMPOSTER. 

Guilt’ continues with adrenaline punching grooves and leads to ‘Courage’, again opens with those hardcore, funk bass lines and dirty drum beats leading to Churcher belting out “I’m just a sad man, chasing his sad dreams”. Through the heavy riffs, Bishop catches my attention with a melody every few seconds and grabbed my attention and felt like a pukka touch to have amid this angst emotive track. 

The ending comes with ‘Loss’, the final tune, and frontman Kial Churcher’s emotionally finishes with “Is this what loss feels like” a tough emotionally draining tune and reminds me of the end of “Daddy” by Korn and Jonathon Davies; powerful release. 

Kial Churcher talks about the EP “Loss is something everyone goes through at different stages in their lives, and there’s never one solution for everything, everybody goes through it in different ways and copes with different means. We noticed that a lot of what we were all going through in our personal lives was based around losing things. Relationships, family members and ourselves in totally different ways, but we all had the same destination towards writing this record and we wanted to embed those feelings and experiences on the tracks and the artwork.” 

 “The Rorschach test being an example of how people perceive and interpret things in different ways is in the same way that people look at losing something, to one person’s ability to see positivity and solace another might not be able to accept what’s happening to them.”


EP is out now.

Mark Wincott

November 11, 2019

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