Lonely The Brave ‘The Hope List’ review

Lonely The Brave’s new record The Hope List is a very pleasing listen, acting as my introduction to a very talented outfit at a perfect point; the band are reborn with new vocalist Jack Bennett and a new sense of drive and direction.

Opener ‘Bound’ immediately reminds me of Neck Deep’s ‘Fall’ while also sounding a little like Movements. It’s not the best opener, but sets the tone for the rest of the record.

Highlights come in the form of the aggressive ‘Bright Eyes’ and catchy, emotional ‘Keeper’. There’s a Deaf Havana vibe in the instrumentation, notably the interlude/instrumental ‘(Untitled)’ and their open, honest and pain-wrought lyrics such as those on the powerful title track.

New vocalist Jack Bennett is more than capable behind the mic, delivering a performance akin to Busted’s Charlie Simpson – powerful, emotional and soaring – albeit with a little more aggression that his boy band vocal counterpart.

There’s not really a misstep here, the album flows beautifully and acts as a cathartic and moving listen. That being said, sometimes it drops off into the background as you busy yourself, but the afore-mentioned highlights act as hooks to reel you back in.