Live review: Trivium, Bleed from Within and Orbit Culture @ Stylus, Leeds

As they’re approaching the end of their Goblins and Wizards Tour, Trivium performed at Stylus in Leeds University. It was the first time in years the band has toured in Leeds and turned out to be one of the best shows of the year!  

Doors opened at 7 o’clock, and it wasn’t too long until Orbit Culture took to the stage. Formed in 2013, Orbit Culture are a classically heavy metal band that originate in Sweden. Although they aren’t flashy in showmanship, they use coloured smoke, and backlights, to create a dark atmosphere on their stage. It’s not all about the show, but the music! And when it comes to music, Orbit Culture are incredible. Melodic metal, which was well written and easy to get dancing to. They performed few songs from their latest album Descent, songs such as the title track, From the Inside and Vultures of the North. A short and sweet set, which has quickly made a fan out of me.  

Bleed from Within were up next, a Glaswegian five-piece although they were sadly missing their bassist. Full of energy, Bleed from Within moved at a mile a minute, but still took the time to taunt the crowd. If there’s one thing a Northern crowd loves, it’s chanting ‘Yorkshire! Yorkshire!’ Here’s where frontman Scott Kennedy retorted ‘Glasgow! Glasgow! See, I’m louder I’ve got the mic!’ Luckily, we can take (and appreciate) a bit of banter. They did a great job at building up the hype of the crowd, and again, sounded amazing on stage. They performed songs from their latest album Shrine such as I Am Damnation, Levitate and Sovereign. Shrine was released last year, but has a deluxe edition out soon, which I am looking forward to hearing.  

Time flew by while these two played, they both did great work with hyping the crowd up. Although, for the first time in a while, I found that it was a really good crowd. Everyone was very responsive to the artists, and respectful to each other and staff. It was so refreshing to look around and see a room full of happiness, and people enjoying live music for what it is. There was no entitlement, no pushing and unnecessary confrontation. A group of people that were united, just as it should be.  

Before we knew it, it was Trivium’s turn on the stage. A stage that was decorated with dragons – two to the sides, some lighting up the back and the drum kit had its own platform, that was draped in red with a dragon head on the front, a head with glowing eyes. I do feel like it was a bit much, but they stuck to the theme. Of course, the first song they had to perform was In the Court of the Dragon. Immediately, the heads were banging, they were opening the pit, Matt Heafy was giving us wild-eyes and sticking his tongue out. With substantial energy, they were truly giving their everything! They continued to laugh with and hype up the crowd, even sang happy birthday to their guitar tech Justin and continuously talked about how grateful they were to be in the UK. This included an anecdote of their first time in the UK, playing Wolverhampton, when they thought no one would know them – when the truth is people were chanting for them. They performed singles such as Strife and Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr. They treated us to Poison the Knife with the Noose, a B-side from Shogun. At the very end, they got everyone to crouch down as low as possible, and to jump up and open the pit for In Waves.  

As quickly as it started, it was done. For the first time in a while, I woke up with post-gig blues. Although Trivium seem to be a rarity for the UK, it’s worth seeing them if they come to your town. As for Orbit Culture and Bleed from Within, they had been chosen for the tour (according to Matt Heafy) as they two bands that are going to carry the metal genre forward in the right direction. I agree with this, and I’ll hopefully be seeing them again.  

Words by Andrew Evans.

Vicki Evans

September 6, 2023

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