Lights – Skin & Earth Acoustic

Following the successful release of her latest album Skin & Earth, Canadian alternative pop sensation lights has reworked some of the tracks into an acoustic EP, complete with three brand new acoustic singles. Being a fan of the artist, I had a listen to see how the songs transcended.

The opening of an acoustic version of Skydiving shows the delicate tones in Lights‘ vocals and the raw emotion conveying her lyrics. It is strange to hear the song as a full acoustic because the original version is so good, but it works well.

Progressing through the EP, the same pattern is followed as we get some of the best tracks from Skin & Earth in full acoustics, showing off Lights‘ incredible vocal and songwriting talents. This provides a relaxing listen, yet still keeping some of the edginess that we know and love from the solo star.

When we get to the new tracks, Tabs, Lost Girls and Down Forever, there’s kick-ass girl power attitude. This is particularly true for Lost Girls. Although they are acoustic, they pack a punch.

Knowing how the majority of the tracks sound as normal, it is clear that Lights‘ songwriting skills transcend through into acoustics well. Her vocals are phenomenal throughout and really shows off her unique talent.

Elizabeth Birt

July 23, 2019

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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