Kill The Lights – Death Melodies

Kill The Lights have released their incredible new album, Death Melodies.

Kill The Lights are back with their latest album Death Melodies and it is a deathly, melodic piece of perfection.

Hear You Scream wastes absolutely no time in getting in your face with a brutal “fuck you” sound. It’s angsty and I love the gun cocking sound that breaks up some of the guitar riffs. Said riffs are fantastic too. I love the hook of “save your breath cause I won’t hear you scream” and the contrast between the clean and scream vocals works so well.

It has, however, set the bar extremely high by being the opening track.

Die Alone, thankfully, does not let down its predecessor. It’s a smooth piece of metal perfection. There’s not much I can really say about it to do it justice, so if there’s only one song you choose to listen to, I would definitely say this is it so you can experience it for yourself. It has riffs, a breakdown, clean vocals, brutal scream vocals and some downright funky drums and guitar lines.

Bleeding is a more melodic and beautiful track. The vocals are silky smooth in the verses, building in intensity with the instrumentation.

Scapegoat’s opening guitar work is absolutely sick and has no business being that good.

Man Without A Face’s drums are brilliant and the way the vocals switch from cleans to screams almost effortlessly is brilliant.

I absolutely love Sleep With the Devil! It’s in complete contrast with the majority of the album as it’s a more relaxed and chilled track. The vocals are delivered in a classic rock style over very minimalistic instrumentation for the verses building into a more rock ballad style for the chorus, it’s absolutely beautiful. The vocal trills are stunning too, particularly the closing overlays.

Death Melodies is definitely an apt title for the album. It’s heavy and in your face but also has a nice melodic sound to it at times.

Every single has kick ass guitar lines and hooks, particularly shown in Broken Bones. The rhythm section definitely does a stellar job throughout and the lyrics are delivered practically perfectly.

It’s an album that is – to quote Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way. I wonder what Kill The Lights will come up with next.

Death Melodies by Kill The Lights is available everywhere now.

Elizabeth Birt

April 4, 2024

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