Keep This Up – Paper Houses

Keep This Up recently released their fab new EP Paper Houses. It’s full of catchy hooks and melodies!

Fire a Bottle opens up the EP in an angsty way. It has gritty riffs and talks about having enough and not giving a fuck.

Find Myself is a darker pop punk-esque track, with some cool guitar work throughout. The hang vocals in the chorus work well and will translate well as a good section for crowd participation live.

As Above So Below was one of the lead singles from the EP in the run up to the release and it’s clear to see why as it is definitely the strongest. It’s full of heavy rock riffs, pace, and screams.

Closing track Paper Houses slows right down with more melodic vocals and understated instrumentation through the first verse, before building intensity in the bridge and into the chorus. It’s a lovely song and a nice way to end the EP.

Paper Houses is a good EP. The band keep a musical theme throughout and have catchy moments on each track, mainly the choruses, but in the case of As Above So Below it was the instrumentation around 2minutes 25 seconds, I found myself humming it a lot.

Elizabeth Birt

August 7, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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