I Prevail w/Palisades @ Electric Ballroom London

Doors opening at 7pm to a Sold Out show, with all patiently waiting for an hour before Palisades are set to take the stage. Everyone seems to be keeping themselves fairly entertained though by singing such “hits” as Bob The Builder, Spongebob Squarepants and Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ to name a few, in such a football chanting way.

A huge bass drop sees the crowd happy to finally get some live action, as the growls make Palisades’ set sound so much louder than the record. The pulsing of their catchy backing track melodies against their live instrument tones makes for a nice blend of sounds to fill the venue and get people feeling their set.
Although visually the amount of smoke and direction of the light’s make it hard to see at times, the solid performance with a mix of heavier tracks and RnB feel-good tracks such as Let Down really showing the diversity in songs.
From the looks of the crowd, there are very few that seem to know the words to singing along, which in turn can be a good thing to expand that fan base of theirs! Nonetheless, arms are waving in sync with the music, fists are raised when instructed to and the crowd seem pretty warmed up and ready for more.
The majority of the crowd is populated of I Prevail shirts, many of which state “It’s about to get rowdy”… Couldn’t agree more as they have come along way to be selling out shows of this caliber. Opening with Bow Down the debut track from their comeback album Trauma is sounding epic in the venue and really puts the electric in this ballroom!
Both clean and unclean vocalists are phenomenal live, sounding pitch perfect. The atmosphere just went from 1 to 10 in seconds as every person screams back the words giving the band more than a warm welcome to the capital of the UK! A brief moment of clarity as they soak in the crowds energy blasting the “better than Manchester” comment (sorry, not sorry Manchester) before belting into Scars.
A huge stomping ground in Gasoline followed by the opening up about the recent tough times of having to take time from the band for throat surgery and spiraling into a bad place, before being welcomed back into the band and continue his dreams, leads into the latest release Hurricane which has phones in the air recording the moment.
At the demand of a circle pit, the crowd complies with a big response seeing a huge hole open like the spin cycle of the washing machine, before Deadweight even starts.
Closing the set with DOA which packs a huge punch behind the hooking chorus riff that drills through the speakers as they leave the stage leaving eager fans asking for “one more song” not a single person has budged as the band made their way back to the stage to explain how surreal this is for them, and provides 2 more songs Breaking Down and Come And Get It bringing their EU/UK tour to a finish.
If I had any further comment, it would have been to have an additional support act (Because lets face it, waiting an hour after doors for the first act, who play a 40 minute set, followed by the main act for 1 hour 20 minutes, there was more than enough time to add 1 more opening act for 30 minutes) Otherwise, both bands absolutely nailed it, and I’m looking forward to their next UK appearances.

Will Pearce

June 24, 2019

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