Halflives – Inferno

Halflives recently released new EP Inferno and it is a cracker of a record!

Opening track Everybody Knows It is catchy, with a great pop-rock feel.

Linda’s vocals are on point and it’s a strong opener which sets the precedence for the rest of the EP.

I relate quite a lot to Sorry Mom X. A lot of the lyrics bring to life emotions I feel on a daily basis and it is my favourite track on the EP. It’s very catchy and would be great live.

Closing track Oblivion is an emotional, melodic track with minimal instrumentation which allows for Linda’s vocals to shine through as well as the depth of the lyrics. During the instrumental sections, there is some intense guitar work, but the majority of the first half of the song is played on piano.

I first saw Halflives a few years ago supporting The Faim and was really impressed then and I’m even more impressed with Inferno. It’s a catchy EP and showcases what I really like in pop rock.

Elizabeth Birt

August 8, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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