Lights is definitely an EP worth listening to, and I hope to hear more from Glasstide in the near future….

Tomorrow, the great rockers of Glasstide will be releasing their brand new EP – Lights.

The first track is Be There. The track jumps right in with fast, punchy guitar chords and drum beats. There’s also some impressive lyrics in the first verse, particularly “crave the poison that take over me”. Once the chorus hits, the track slows down a little, giving a slower, more emotional kind of sound as the vocalist sings about loneliness. It’s certainly no happy song, that’s for sure.

Next up is Lights, which begins with a metallic-sounding voice that sings the first lines – “lights don’t shine on you”, before beginning the track. Once again, the instrumentals and lyrics are just as good as the last track. My favourite bit of this track would probably be the guitar solo before the last chorus. It also has a nice message of helping and fighting for the ones we love. A little more cheerful this time round.

Next, we have Since You’ve Gone. Though not exactly a sappy sad love ballad, it’s a song about every day becoming “a little less loving”. It’s relatable enough for those who’ve experienced break ups in the past.

And last but not least, we have You’re Not Worth It, which is my favourite from this EP. The instrumentals are beautiful, all of which fit perfectly with each other. Also, the style and lyrics of this are a tiny bit pop punk, which I love. I especially love the lines “you knock me down, you beat me up, you make me feel like I’m not good enough”. It’s jumpy, catchy and a great tune overall. If I had to reccommend a track from this EP, I’d definitely choose this one.

Lights is definitely an EP worth listening to, and I hope to hear more from Glasstide in the near future.

Emily Clark

September 23, 2016

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