Fall Out Boy – So Much (for) Stardust

Fall Out Boy’s new album So Much (For) Stardust was released last month! See what we thought!

As someone who loved Fall Out Boy as a youngster, I had found myself drifting away from the band as they turned more poppy. There was nothing wrong with the music, it just wasn’t really my thing.
But then I saw them live in 2019 and re-fell in love. So when So Much (for) Stardust was announced, I was extremely excited.
It starts off great, with opener Love From the Other Side kicking right in to an upbeat rock banger. It’s catchy and will be great live.
With the ‘whoas’ during the chorus, Heartbreak Feels So Good will go down well. It’s not the strongest song on the record.
Up next is Hold Me Like a Grudge, the track which completes the trilogy of Dance Dance and This Ain’t a Scene (It’s an Arms Race). It’s a fun song which is catchy.
Heaven Iowa is my favourite track on the album. I really like the lyrics and the delivery. It was also a really catchy song.
The Pink Seashell tells a story about how there’s no answers over minimal instrumentation.
I Am My Own Muse takes the album to another level. It begins with a huge, well-crafted orchestration which also features throughout it. Elevating a good song to a great song.
Flu Game is a fun song that is reminiscent of old-school Fall Out Boy.
Baby Annihilation is a downbeat yet eloquently written short commentary on the world.
The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years) is a relatable song for anyone who used alcohol or drugs as a coping method and has been clean. But it’s also fun.
What a Time to be Alive is a fun, summertime pop rock anthem. It’s repetitive but fun.
Closing the album is the titular track. It begins with an orchestration before kicking into a melodic first verse and chorus that grows in intensity.
So Much (for) Stardust is a fun album and a great one for old and new fans of Fall Out Boy!The

Elizabeth Birt

April 18, 2023

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