Elessar – It’s Not That Deep

Recently, Elessar released their new EP It’s Not That Deep and we had a listen to see what it was like.

Elessar – it’s not that deep

Elessar are back with a new EP. It’s Not That Deep was released earlier this month.

Vices opens with a short synth melody and the line “I just can’t get enough” before kicking into a jazzy rock melody and Ricky’s unique vocals.

It’s a cool track with a bit of a dancey element that shows a bit of a new direction for the Gloucester band but also has the Elessar quality that has earned the band so many fans.

The Fall is typical Elessar in terms of melody and vocal style. It has an extremely catchy hook and chorus that will have you dancing around the room.

You & I is catchy and talks about being in love for the first time. There’s some dancey instrumentation throughout.

The guitar work through Mi Amour is absolutely class, particularly the solo around a minute from the end. The chorus is again extremely catchy.

Closing track Lovesick is a great track that closes off the EP well.

Overall It’s Not That Deep is a fantastic record which has one flaw – it’s not long enough! It is obvious that Elessar has adjusted their sound along with the times and unlike others, the evolution has worked in their favour. Sprinkled throughout the EP is a sound not to dissimilar to Australian pop-rockers The Faim but with a more rockier sound. There are extremely catchy melodies and lyrics and it is a very well-written record.

Elizabeth Birt

October 25, 2022

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