Detachment – Lack

Detachment recently released their latest record Lack and it’s a great piece of work!

Opening track Slug doesn’t give you any time to prepare for the track, kicking in with brute force, screams and intense instrumentation.

It’s ferocious and a great start.

Backbreaker picks up where Slug left off but switches things up for a more melodic chorus which I really like.

Basement Days is a much cleaner song and has dark pop punk tones at times. It has a catchy hook too.

The melodic opening of Interlude II is very misleading as vocals kick in with brutality, but then the dual vocals of screams over cleans sounds really good and it fades out with the melodic guitars.

Choke(d) is my favourite track hands down! It’s brutal and would definitely get me going in the pits, but the melodic section towards the end really gripped me and the vocals were sung beautifully.

Lack is a really good album. The screams throughout it are done really well and the drums work well with the bass and there’s some interesting guitar lines running throughout. The melodic sections are also really good.

If you’re a fan of post hardcore, this is definitely a record to check out.

Elizabeth Birt

November 9, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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