Defocus – there is a place for me on earth

There’s something about German metalcore recently as the influx of bands have been insane with the likes of Annisokay and Any Given Day leading the way.
Another of those bands putting Germany on the metalcore map is Defocus who released album there is a place for me on earth on March 1.

The album kicks off with ‘let the bond be my grave’ and it’s a synth-laden track which mixes the synths with drums and bass. As the vocals kick in, I’m given an early reminder of Motionless In White and Rob Zombie but when the chorus comes in, Defocus come into their own. The synths in the background of the screams are really funky and work well.

Biased is an intense track which I absolutely love. It’s in your face with brutal instrumentation that leaves little to the imagination but an almost rave-like synth beat over the top. It even has some Djent-y style riffs!

Consumed by you is very reminiscent of Parkway Drive. It’s intense and sounds absolutely great. I love the line “all these lies in my mind I’m never good enough”. It’s heavy, it’s brutal and it’s an all around banger that is set to carve open the pit.

Defocus have really carved their own space in the metalcore scene. Very few bands use synths in their music the way that Defocus do but it works really well and creates a musical atmosphere that makes them unique.

Elizabeth Birt

March 5, 2024

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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