Decay – Modern Conversation

Just signed with Birmingham independent record label, Fox records are Liverpool’s Decay. A Band of former members of a pop punk outfit decided to move to an more aggressive emo sound with Modern Conversation.

Beginning with Sentiment, but lead single Slow Decline caught my attention, it’s a tune about watching someone mentally and physically suffers with alcoholism. Lead vocalist Danny Reposar explains “This song tells the story of how my mother’s death affected my dad, I watched him lose interest in everything and fall victim to excessive drinking. As time went on, he’d lock himself in the house and drink the days away hoping to forget about his grief and erase the past 3 years. It’s a song for anyone that’s had to watch the people around them wither and fade; it’s for the people that don’t come from that perfect home.”  The most emo sounding track on this EP.

Been Blue brings a more vibrant feel of the EP, with chugging riffs and a tune that feels many can stand in a field with their cider singing along to this track.

Finishing with Lullaby that has a ballad feel or a lighter or camera phone in the air swaying, holding hands and drinking more cider or red stripe with a complete stranger in that field once more.

Mark Wincott

July 14, 2019

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