Debacle – Debacle

Debacle recently released their self-titled album and it is definitely one for those who are into the indie pop/rock genre.

Opening track Introverture has some interesting instrumentation which is almost hypnotic and it’s a nice, relaxing 54 seconds.

Flashing Lights kicks in with some whooahs over disjointed instrumentation and comes across like a modern British indie track.

I love the guitar work throughout the track. It’s a song you can stick on in the background when you’re doing almost anything and will be enjoyable.

Right off the bat, Shattered Dreams is a much stronger track. It immediately grabbed my attention and kept me hooked – honestly something that a lot of indie-style bands fail to do.

It’s got a more rocky feel to it and I love the touch of the brass.

I really like Go. It is more of a ballad, but has smooth vocals and an interesting backing instrumentation. It’s a lovely, well-written and well-performed track.

Throughout the album there are catchy melodies and the touch of brass dotted about is great and a refreshing twist.

Alright is a cool track that’s got a fun sound.

This is a good album and I would recommend it if you’re into indie rock and jazz influences. It’s not one of my favourite genres but if any of the songs came on my playlist, I definitely wouldn’t skip.

Elizabeth Birt

April 25, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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