Dead Poet Society, Ready the Prince at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Dead Poet Society brought The Ready Prince along with them to Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club for a fun night!

When I reviewed FISSION, I mentioned that I’d hope to catch Dead Poet Society on their upcoming tour. Well… I did!  

I’d heard of Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, but never been. It’s a venue like the TARDIS, appearing like a smaller club from the outside, but once you’re inside it just goes on and on. I suspect it’s a hot spot for the university students, as the game room was full of uni-aged people. Some may have been there for the event on in the other room, and some of them were there for Dead Poet Society.  

That probably gives it away, that the crowd was young (most of them). They were a good crowd, though. They were responsive to the artists, present and, mostly, respectful. I also saw a lot of people wearing ear protection, which has been a conversation lately that I’ve not before seen put into action. Concerts are loud, wear buds! Unfortunately, towards the end, people got a little too drunk and pushy, but not too much to ruin the night. 

Ready the Prince were the only opener, an indie-alt trio from Toronto. The audience loved them, and they did a really good job of warming us up. Their songs were varied in sound, performing songs such as ŌJI, Sabertooth and Torn Up. They opened one of the smallest pits I’d ever seen, and I was amused at how the room had split into ‘circle pit side’ and ‘no circle pit side’. They were very talented, though, and I would enjoy seeing them again.

Dead Poet Society sent us crazy. Frontman Jack Underkofler dived into the crowd within the first couple of songs, and the pit expanded to the whole floor – which had the ground shaking. They performed the likes of Hard To be a God, .CoDA., and Lo Air. I spent a lot of it trying to think of how I’d describe their sound, and all I could think was Arctic Monkeys meets Muse – which was confirmed when they covered Hysteria.  

They were very funny to watch, as they joked with us between songs. The classic Yorkshire chant brought on a mini rant about how Yorkshire Puddings weren’t pudding, but ‘bread hats’. As someone who is Yorkshire born and bread, if you will, that is a little offensive. They’re not bread, they’re curvy pancakes! 

They are funny lads, though, and I enjoyed the night. Hopefully, I’ll see them again. 

Vicki Evans

March 29, 2024

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