Casey – How to Disappear

Welsh post hardcore legends Casey are back with new album How to Disappear and it’s a cracker!

Opener Unique Lights has an atmospheric, introduction. It has melodic vocals and a slow pace with calming instrumentation until the drums and guitars kick in during the chorus.

Track two I was Happy When You Died has an ominous title but continues with the synth introduction, although it is significantly shorter than its predecessor. The tone is as down as you would expect from the title but it’s a really good song talking about grief and as the title suggests – being happy following a death – but still wishing that the deceased is proud of you.

Sanctimonious kicks things up a notch, bringing in some screams for the first time on the record which contrast the melancholic verses extremely well.

Bite Through My Tongue has great lyrics and is one of my favourite songs on the record.

St Peter breaks the album up with a very short (just under 1.30minutes) piano led track before  jumping into another of my favourites – Puncture Wounds to Heaven. It has extremely relatable lyrics for me and is put across so well with a mixture of melodic vocals and some screams complimenting each other well.

Closing and titular track How to Disappear is one of the strongest tracks. Its melodic sound is relaxing before building in intensity as the chorus approaches and lyrically speaks right to me.

Casey may have been gone for five years before making a surprise but welcome return in 2023, but this album showcases a significant growth in the band, with a well-rounded sound and probably Casey’s best album yet.

It’s melancholic and continues frontman Tom’s open and honest songwriting but kicking it up a notch, focusing on loss and absence, something that almost anyone listening to the album can find themselves relating to the lyrics throughout.

Elizabeth Birt

January 11, 2024

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