Bones UK – Unplugged

London Bred, L.A based Bones UK are coming at us with their Unplugged EP of five tracks taken from their self-titled debut album, Bones UK are Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenburg, the duo have had a Grammy nomination for “Pretty Waste”, they also are releasing a performance film alongside this EP and have toured with Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Tom Morello, The Struts and Bush and this Unplugged EP was influenced by none other than Nirvana. 

The haunting violin stirs the moment as we begin with “Beautiful is Boring”, the plucking guitar adds intensity to this emotive vibe the violin brings. Vocalist Rosie Bones tells us a story, her voice cascades over the waves and I notice my breathing. 

The Grammy-nominated “Pretty Waste” is next, I’m captured by Rosie Bones’ voice, she is unique, her lyrics are penetrating and grabs my attention, Carmen’s musicianship can carry the tone. “Black Blood” is the thought-provoking ballad “I like it on my own, slowly turning into stone, you know it’s not cool to be happy, so just don’t waste….” This tune has me by the ears as does Bones’ soul-baring voice. 

A lot is happening in “Filthy Freaks” a good bit of tender sticks, the strings in the background are suited to the vocals. This is an appropriate clap along, and catchy lyrics “All the filthy freaks and the glamorous geeks come on”. I’m not going to lie, but I haven’t listened to their self-titled album and I need to…NOW.

Finishing with “Souls” has plenty of soul, reminding me of Amy Winehouse. This EP has me wanting more. The duo created something incredible and are now part of the unplugged community as Carmen goes for some awe-inspiring guitar riffs. I need to see them live I just do. 

Get this. Just get it. 

Mark Wincott

January 30, 2020

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